June 5, 2013 - Progress on Habitat's 50th home is near completion. Volunteers from local businesses, church and civic organizations and military squadrons have come together in the past few months. The interior of the house is near the finishing touches. This week the floors will be installed, trim and window stools put in place, cabinets hung. Next week the driveway and sidewalks be poured.

It has been an amazing journey for this home. Jamie Hinkle has dedicated every Tuesday and Saturday to contribute her sweat equity hours. In the final weeks she is near the 300 hour mark required for her program obligations. We anticipate a Dedication ceremony shortly following the 4th of July holiday.


February 21, 2013 - In partnership with Gulf Power this home is being built as an EarthCents Home. To help better understand what makes an EarthCents Home a better inventment here are some words directly from Gulf Power's, EarthCents: Helping you make smart choices about energy.

When you invest in an EarthCents Home, you're making a personal statement that transcends typical curb appeal and cost-per-square-foot considerations. You're telling the world that you care about quality and comfort. You're making a long-term commitment to energy-efficiency.

When you choose an EarthCents Home, you know you're not just getting a home that looks good on the outside. You're also getting quality construction with all the interior features and options that make this home - your single largest personal investment - one that pays you back with energy-efficiency dividends in the form of lower utility bills month after month, year after year.

EarthCents Homes are built by people who understand the interactions of all the systems within the home - the cooling, heating and ventilation system; the water heating system; the insulation and air-barrier system; the appliances and lighting; and the windows. And once these individual measures are installed, the EarthCents Homes are perfomance tested and verified in accordance with nationally recognized Home Energy Rating System (HERS).

    EarthCents Home Benefits

    • A lifetime of energy bill savings
    • Improved indoor air quality and moisture control
    • Greater year-round comfort
    • High-quality, sustainable construction

February 6, 2013 - Construction is moving along on Habitat's 50th house. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on January 31, 2013 to celebrate the kick off. Maria Chung, Habitat volunteer, created a video that captures some of the ceremonial events.



The History Behind Patriot Place

Habitat Okaloosa is greatly indebted to the active duty, retired and veteran members of our military raycommunity. For more than twenty years, they have supported and sustained our efforts to provide decent, affordable housing for our neighbors in need.  Military members have served as our directors, committee members, donors, advocates and primary work force.  So capably, they have continually provided us with vision, leadership, service, and inspiration.

Sadly, an important member of the Habitat family will be absent.  Ray Burgess, our long-time construction manager died last spring. It was his life that so inspired the attachment of the name Patriot Place to this milestone build.

Ray Burgess was a military veteran, a respected member of the local community and a beloved father figure to the Habitat family. He was a wise, unpretentious man who, by his quiet example, spoke the true meaning of patriotism. He loved his country and he sought to live out that love by serving the nation and caring for its people. He was a career Air Force pilot, a teacher in the Okaloosa school system, a local businessman and a twenty year Construction Manager for Habitat.

Though he is no longer with us, Ray's spirit of patriotism endures.  It is seen in the lives of so many active duty and veteran military members who today commit themselves unselfishly to serving this nation, working to better their local communities and giving of themselves to help neighbors in need.  Theirs is a spirit to which we should all aspire, a spirit we will seek to honor with the construction of Patriot Place.